What Car? calls for AEB

What Car? is calling for vehicle manufacturers to fit autonomous emergency braking (AEB) in order to save thousands of lives.

AEB systems use a combination of laser, radar and cameras to detect an imminent collision, warn the driver and apply the brakes. If the driver fails to respond, the system can even bring the car to a complete halt.

Currently available as standard or as an option on 95% of new cars, AEB could reduce fatal crashes by 20-25% and accidents in which an injury is sustained by 25-35%. Despite that, where AEB is a cost option, only 1.6% of buyers will tick the box to add it.

A feature in the latest issue of What Car? examines the research that has been done on AEB and assesses the impact it could have if made mandatory.

Jim Holder, editorial director of What Car?, said, ‘The evidence is irrefutable – AEB saves lives. Just as all new cars now come with stability control, so autonomous emergency braking should be standard fit for all mainstream cars.’

What Car? joins automotive safety experts Thatcham Research and car safety testers Euro NCAP in calling for AEB to be standard fit on all new cars.