Wet-on-wet primer unveiled

Octoral has introduced a new non-sanding primer that it claims will increase throughput and reduce downtime without sacrificing quality.

The PH254 High-Production Non Sanding Primer is a wet-on-wet primer system that incorporates direct to E-coat technology. It’s been specifically designed for E-coated OEM panels, aftermarket panels and spot or blend repairs.

Removing the need to sand between coats, before topcoat application or at the panel preparation stage, its wet-on-wet capability eliminates the drying process and can reduce downtime.

Meanwhile, the company claims its enhanced adhesion to existing and new unsanded E-coat panels means its one-coat application achieves a smooth, glossy base for the finest topcoat finish, while its extended topcoat window of up to 48 hours means panels can be pre-primed when convenient, offering increased workflow flexibility.