VW promotes aftersales services

Volkswagen has introduced a new Lifetime Brakes replacement service as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to driving down the cost of car care and maintenance.

The simple new offer allows a Volkswagen customer who has their car’s brake pads or shoes replaced with genuine Volkswagen parts at a participating Volkswagen Retailer to return for free replacement pads or shoes whenever they wear out in future. The service lasts for as long as they own their Volkswagen.

The new Lifetime Brakes offer is the latest in a range of incentives, including Fixed Price Servicing, created by Volkswagen to drive down servicing and maintenance costs for the brand’s millions of owners nationwide.

Aside from ‘great deals’ such as the new Lifetime Brakes offer, Volkswagen is also promoting how the German manufacturer invests in more than 70,000 hours of training each year for its UK technicians, who also have access to Volkswagen tooling and the latest Volkswagen technology.