VP acquires a ‘piece of history’

A fleet management company in Nottingham has acquired what is believed to be the world’s most well-conditioned MG.

Vehicle Procurements (VP) acquired a 2004 MG ZT with only three miles on the clock for its Heritage Collection.

It acquired the model at auction on 24 September and it has now given it pride of place in the main reception area.

VP director Malcolm Ledgar said, ‘We at Vehicle Procurements are passionate about not just providing the best service to our customers on new cars, but also preserving British built cars for future generations to see. It’s wonderful to see visitors’ reactions to our cars, especially when they compare the level of specification an entry level car has today compared to one from 1976!

‘The ZT is a special piece of history and we are proud to be able to let the public see it in its original glory.’