Volvo XC60 is Europe’s best-seller

The Volvo XC60 was the highest-selling mid-size SUV in Europe in 2015, according to independent figures compiled by automotive research firm JATO.

The leading position for the XC60 comes as the SUV segment emerged for the first time as the most popular car segment in Europe in 2015, according to JATO. The XC60 was launched in 2008 and has recorded steadily improving sales figures every year since. Now in its ninth year of production, the XC60 has sold more than 750,000 units since its introduction.

In 2012, the car breached the 100,000 mark for the first time, and in 2015 almost 160,000 XC60s were sold around the globe. The most important markets for the XC60 in 2015 were China, the United States and Sweden. Within Europe, the XC60 has also proved to be highly popular in key markets such as Germany, the UK and France.

Europe is Volvo Cars’ most important sales region, representing more than half of the company’s total global sales.