Vauxhall set to break new ground

Vauxhall is set for a ground-breaking 2017, with five major product launches planned adding further variety to its range and entering new market segments.

Vauxhall will introduce an alternative to ‘premium’ models in the D-sector with the all new Insignia Grand Sport, while also growing volume still further in the SUV/crossover class with not one, but two new models.

‘2017 will be a landmark year for Vauxhall,’ said Rory Harvey, chairman and managing director. ‘Our portfolio will grow, for sure, but it’s the quality and innovation which underpins our new products that will surprise customers. The Insignia Grand Sport will force buyers to reassess how they perceive our brand, and later in the year our two crossover offerings will bring Vauxhall to, in many cases, completely new sets of buyers.’

Vauxhall’s five launches for 2017 are:

1. The new Insignia Grand Sport which will be the new flagship product of Vauxhall’s range.

2. The new Insignia Sports Tourer, taking many of its design cues from the 2013’s visionary Monza Concept.

3. A Country Tourer model, complete with all-wheel-drive as standard and off-road looks.

4. The new Crossland X crossover.

5. A new C-segment crossover, similar in size to the Astra and Zafira Tourer.