Vauxhall issues second Zafira recall

Vauxhall has admitted that it’s known about the problem which has caused hundreds of its cars to burst into flames since 2009, but didn’t begin investigating until 2014.

Company director Peter Hope was responding to questions from a committee of MPs after hundreds of Zafira B models caught fire. It led to a mass recall costing the company €40m.

However, on the same day that Vauxhall was in front of MPs another Zafira burst into flames in Trowbridge.

Speaking to ITV News, Ruth Chettleburgh said, ‘I went into the back garden to get a cup of tea, and then I smelt burning. I found smoke coming over the top of the house. I then went to the front of the house and saw the car on fire and flames everywhere.’

Vauxhall has recalled the Zafira B models for a second time after the initial repairs failed.