UK first for JLR at Autodrive

In a UK first, Jaguar Land Rover is working with Ford and Tata Motors European Technical Centre as part of UK Autodrive to showcase its latest Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technologies.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technologies are one of Jaguar Land Rover’s research priorities and it’s creating a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles to develop and test technologies that will allow cars to talk to each other as well as the roadside infrastructure over the next four years.

Tony Harper, head of research, said, ‘We know that there’s a huge potential for these technologies in future vehicles around the world. Until now we have focused on communication between Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, this collaborative approach is a major stepping stone towards all Connected and Autonomous Vehicles co-operating with each other in the future.

‘Our aim is to give drivers exactly the right information at the right time and collaborations with other manufacturers are essential to help us deliver this commitment to our customers.’

Jaguar Land Rover is developing both fully and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies to help the driver with the challenging or more tedious parts of driving whilst maintaining an enjoyable driving experience. The company’s vision is to make the autonomous car viable in the widest range of real life, on and off road driving environments and weather conditions.