Time to mute car karaoke

Adele and Justin Bieber are among the most common causes of accidents, according to new research.

A study conducted by at www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk found that 20% of UK motorists who had been in an accident – or just avoided one – had been distracted by music, and that Adele and Bieber were the artists most likely to be on their playlists.

Mobile phones and music were cited among the biggest in-car distractions for the 2,186 drivers surveyed, with 25% and 20% of respondents identifying them as the main distractions.

When asked what music they had been listening to at the time, 18% said Adele with Bieber getting 17% of the vote.

Also on the list were Sia (15%), Slip Knot (14%), Rihanna (14%), Drake (13%), The Beatles (10%), Calvin Harris (8%), Eminem (8%) and Kanye West (7%).

According to the poll, when asked why the music had been such a distraction, the respondents cited reasons such as ‘I was singing and dancing when I should have been focusing on the road’ (43%) and ‘I was adjusting the channel or volume’ (39%).

George Charles, spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro, said, ‘If music is going to be that much of a distraction that you might have a near-miss or actually have an accident, you need to rethink your options.

‘Maybe create a playlist of songs that you enjoy, but that aren’t going to pull on your heartstrings and take your focus off the road, or songs that you’re not going to want to dance along to whilst you need to keep your hands and legs in certain places, like on the floor and on the steering wheel. Celebrities aren’t to blame – we are. It’s us driving, it’s us not paying attention to the road, and it’s us causing the accidents.’