The dark side of the autumn clock change

With clocks going back this weekend, Insure The Box has warned that accident risk will jump 10% in the new four weeks. The risk is even higher between the hours of 5pm and 8pm, with accidents increasing 30%.

Insure The Box believes this is the first time telematics data has been used to calculate the exact risk of an accident in direct correlation with the annual clock change. The findings are based on analysis of three years of accident data from over 330,000 Insure The Box administered policies.

Charlotte Halkett, general manager communications for Insure The Box said, ‘There is no doubt accident risk increases as a direct result of the clocks going back one hour in autumn. For many young drivers, the evenings after the clock change will be their first experience of driving in the dark, coping with quite different conditions including reduced visibility.

‘There are still far too many young men and women killed or seriously injured on our roads and stopping the annual autumn clock change could, from our analysis, save many young drivers from the risk of an accident.’