Study begins on smart dynamic energy

A Costain-led team has begun work on a feasibility study that’s an important first step for a project aiming to integrate transport with smart dynamic energy systems.

Integrated Transport and Smart Energy Solutions for Major Urban Developments, or the ITSES project, is a year-long project funded by Innovate UK that will look at the feasibility of installing a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) scheme at Old Oak Common and Park Royal, West London. More than 25,000 homes and 55,000 jobs are due to be created at Old Oak Common over the next 15 years, alongside a transport super-hub with new Crossrail and Overground stations as well as a potential HS2 station all close to each other.

V2G allows electric vehicles to act as battery stores while stationary. Vehicle owners can provide energy from their vehicles’ batteries to the National Grid at peak times when it needs to balance local supply and demand. The Old Oak Common area has aspirations of becoming a low carbon and connected smart city development that will meet the needs and aspirations of the end users.

Costain will be working with Cenex, a not-for-profit low emission vehicle research and consultancy organisation, to assess the long-term carbon savings and develop a commercial business case for the installation of the V2G infrastructure, assisting London to become a global showcase for its commitment to low carbon vehicles.

Costain’s Lara Young, who is leading the project said, ‘We’ll be using our expertise and experience within infrastructure and Cenex’s leading technical knowledge of charge point and integrated energy infrastructure to look at how feeding energy back into the grid from a significant number of low emission electric vehicles can provide environmental, economic and social benefits.

‘An important part of that will be engaging with key stakeholders so that they appreciate the benefits this development could bring. A Costain strength is its relationship with the transport and energy providers, allowing the connection and opportunity of this approach to be presented for consideration across different infrastructure asset owners.’

James Taplin, lead technologist at Innovate UK said, ‘We see major global market opportunities in optimising transport and energy systems and integrating these with other systems, such as health and digital, in an urban context, and are committed to supporting British businesses that create new commercial opportunities in this space. Consortiums like Costain and Cenex are a great example of two businesses working together who are committed to bringing new ideas into the market with a clear business case.’