Smart workshops key to future

Autodata has revealed that ‘smart workshops’ are the key to the future success of automotive aftermarket service providers.

Presenting a seminar at the very first Automechanika Birmingham, Autodata reflected on the rapid technological advancements within the automotive industry, bringing to light the need for garages to keep up with automotive advancements. What was science fiction not too long ago, is now reality. From electric vehicles to autonomous technology, today’s vehicles are complex and rapidly evolving machines. To keep up with this change, workshops will need powerful tools at their disposal.

Max Lienard, head of product and market development at Autodata, said, ‘The future is already here. In today’s technology lead world we already have smart watches, smart phones, even smart TVs – why not smart workshops as well? Not only have vehicles evolved, but customers have too. This means the aftermarket needs to evolve as well to stay in the game.

‘By embracing new technology on its way the industry can hugely reduce duplication, inaccuracies and general mistakes. This means better business and more trust from the end customer. It also means, that with a smart approach, workshops can easily and automatically become so much more proactive in generating new business and maintaining their customers.’

Meanwhile, Autodata plans to raise the bar again this year as it readies to unveil its latest developments at Automechanika, Frankfurt in September. The company plans to reveal a huge step forward for motorcycles, the latest development of their data integration product, and an even more advanced workshop applications.