Smart Driver Club launched

Former Wunelli CEO Penny Searles has launched a used car membership club with access to services such as crash assistance, emergency assistance, insurance and a digital mechanic.

Post reports the membership service, called Smart Driver Club, is being launched to consumers as a white label offering through motor dealers for vehicles manufactured after 2010. There are plans to roll out the service to major brands.

Club members access the services through a ‘smart plug’ which is plugged into their car. All of their services are then accessed through a smartphone using the free Smart Driver Club app or online through a laptop or tablet.

Speaking with Post, Penny Searle said, ‘We will already know how, where and when the vehicle is being driven so we can offer extremely competitive premiums and we won’t have to ask all the standard questions.

‘It will be a traditional policy – no three strikes and you’re out, no premiums up or down, we are choosing the best drivers in the club to offer policies and this means they won’t be penalised for other policyholders’ bad driving.’