Shocking EV Statistics

Insurance for the about 70,000 electric cars is soaring because the UK doesn’t have the skills to repair them.

Less than half a per cent of all vehicle technicians in the UK are qualified to work on electric cars, according to Auto Express. That is just 1,150 out of a total of 240,000 technicians – and none of these work in independent garages.

This has resulted in insurance premiums for electric cars priced on average 21% higher than those for diesel or petrol models – and up to 50% in some cases.

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) told Auto Express that more than 80 per cent of independent garages are struggling to recruit technicians qualified to work on advanced vehicles.

Steve Nash, IMI CEO, has said a lack of training ‘will mean that the market will fail to open up and develop to the benefit of the UK economy, and without competition in the marketplace the UK customer will suffer higher pricing.

‘Unless a proactive strategy is undertaken, the UK will not be able to support the growth of low-carbon vehicles.’