Service sector rebounds to pre-2008 levels

The services sector accounted for nearly 79% of UK GDP in the first half of 2016.

It’s the only sector that has exceeded pre-2008 recession levels. One of the biggest services provided is technology, a sector which requires approximately 745,000 additional professionals with digital skills to cope with increasing demand.

Ameera Mohammed, director of operations at Gibbs S3, said, ‘With the UK economy being dominated by services, it really is the skilled employees that are helping to drive businesses forward. When it comes to technology employees across all sectors, it usually comes down to how talented and knowledgeable staff in this area are, to determine the overall quality of the service a business as a whole provides. So it is crucial for businesses to do what they can to secure the best talent.

‘The labour market is becoming increasingly competitive, with it often being as hard to find the talent required, as it is to retain it. Workforce solutions providers are not just there to provide skills desired, but to offer expertise on the current employment market.

‘Businesses need to work with experienced professionals in the staffing sector, which work with potential employees with specific skill sets, ensuring that companies can know the best talent available for each type of role. Helping businesses, particularly in the services industry, find suitable talent with digital skills, is the most valuable service a workforce solutions company can provide.’