Scottish drivers claiming VW compensation

Volkswagen could face a legal battle after rejecting calls last week to offer European drivers affected by dieselgate the same compensation as that offered to motorists in the US.

The company said the emissions regulations were more stringent in the USA, meaning the implications for owners were more serious there and the fix is more expensive. He also added that compensating European drivers the same way could bankrupt the company.

However, hundreds of motorists in Scotland are ready to sue the car manufacturer over the emissions scandal.

Solicitor Patrick McGuire of Thompsons Solicitors says he’s been contacted by more than 300 unhappy drivers, including more than 100 taxis, seeking compensation over running costs and loss of earnings.

He said, ‘We have to ask why there is this apparent difference between here and the US. Is it to do with VW’s European management or the advice they are getting from lawyers here? Maybe they think Scottish lawyers are not up to it and they can just bear them down.

‘We have more than 300 clients – including 100 taxi drivers – and have formally notified VW of their claims. If VW don’t co-operate, we will end up in court, either with one test case or all cases put into court at the same time. There is no doubt, in my mind, that Scottish drivers’ claims are valid.’

VW has agreed a multi-billion dollar settlement package in the US, but has taken a different stance in Europe.

Patrick continued, ‘A lot of work is still to be done and evidence requires to be gathered. But we could be looking at several thousands of pounds in each case. If VW continues with this foolhardy stance in Scotland, they will pay for it in legal fees through court action.’