Safety first on winter roads

Plummeting temperatures this week should be a final call to motorists to ensure their cars are winter-ready.

Not all drivers know what to check, and many don’t have the time either. But that doesn’t mean they should ignore potentially serious issues.

A number of companies now offer free winter checks. Halfords’ check includes batteries, light bulbs, windscreen, wiper blades, screen wash levels and oil levels. All are common sources of problems that can be exacerbated in cold conditions.

A battery failure is one of the main reasons why people call a breakdown service, while the dangers of driving with broken or faulty lights in the dark are obvious.

MG Motor UK is another providing winter checks. The 16-point visual inspection, available via any MG Authorised Repairer, will review key vehicle components to ensure the highest levels of winter road safety and driving performance. From clutch and brake feel to driveshaft operation, battery condition and exposed belt use, the step-by-step check will clearly indicate if any servicing or repair work needs to be immediately undertaken.

Fluid levels – including engine oil – will also be checked, alongside the wear of windscreen wipers, tyre tread and suspension. Finally, qualified technicians will analyse the exhaust and steering system, test seat belt clasps and ensure all lights are fully functioning.

Following the VHC inspection, drivers will be provided with a report. Outlining any essential servicing and repair work that needs to be undertaken on the day, this document will advise any components that require attention in the near future.

Matthew Cheyne, head of sales and marketing at MG Motor UK, said, ‘The safety of MG drivers is paramount, which is why we’re offering free vehicle health checks at dealerships nationwide. We all know that driving in winter can sometimes be a little more challenging, so it’s important your car is ready to head out on the road.’