RMI recovers £70,000 in debt

RMI Bodyshops’ (NAB and VBRA) debt recovery service has collected over £70,000 of aged debt for association members during the first six months of 2016.

Commenting on the service, Frank Harvey, head of bodyshop operations at RMI Bodyshops said, ‘By providing this vital service to members, it enables them to focus on the day-to-day needs of their business, safe in the knowledge that their trade association is there to give back up support when it is needed.’

The member service is offered with no commission charges.

RMI Bodyshop member, John Newman Bodyworks Ltd comments on how the service has helped his business.

‘We have been members of RMI Bodyshops (previously NAB/VBRA) for 28 years, and on occasion have used the debt recovery service provided. In 2016 alone, this service has helped us recover over £12,000 worth of aged debt.

‘We calculated that if we had used an external company to recover these debts on our behalf, it would have cost us over £1,500 in commissions. RMI Bodyshop membership is something we would not want to be without, the value it adds to our business and the time it saves us far outweighs any membership fee.’