RMI and SMMT set for action

RMI Bodyshops (NAB/VBRA) and members from the SMMT’s Vehicle Manufacturers Body Repair Working Group (VMBRWG) will meet on 11 May 2016 to develop a set of actions addressing the body repair industry’s issues in relation to the cost, requirements and governance of current industry standards and accreditation of technicians.

Jason Moseley, director of RMI Bodyshops commented, ‘We are fully supportive of standards and skills that reflect the needs of our industry.

‘A key component is that the manufacturers driving technology in vehicles must have an input and voice to the required practices that ensure a safe and effective repair. It is paramount that industry standards and skills reflect the changing needs of the sector and do not become an unwieldly and inflexible bureaucratic problem.’

Members have been vocal in that they cannot continue to take on the increasing burden for duplicated training costs and are frustrated by the way in which focus is being shifted from training based competence to assessment based ‘Tickets’.

Moseley concluded, ‘In recent months we have publically voiced our members concerns on the type’s parts that are being specified in repairing customers’ vehicles. Consumers need to have a choice and competition is a good thing. However, transparency, quality and safety remain the 3 key concerns impacting our member’s businesses.

‘The vehicle manufactures have a significant stake in our industry’s future and our upcoming meeting will explore how best we can work together to establish leadership and direction for our members and the sector as a whole – something we jointly believe is lacking today.’