Repair Qube goes live

Steve Peart, owner of several vehicle repair bodyshops in South Wales and the country’s largest repairer, has introduced the Repair Qube – a fully modular, pre-assembled repair facility.

Using the experience gained in developing his hugely successful express repair system Steve, along with Spraybooth Technology, has developed the truly portable ‘Bodyshop In A Box’ which, he says, would assist fellow repairers looking to expand their capacity without the plethora of issues that arise in developing a new site.

The Repair Qube comes complete with integrated LED lighting, a high velocity Aquadry system, a self-contained paint mix room, customer and staff facilities and a parts storage room. The highly efficient gas-fired ‘burners’ can be run off LPG or mains gas.

Steve said, ‘The seed for the Repair Qube was sown when I had the open day for our Fix & Go Express centre in Swansea when a guest, who was extremely impressed by what he saw said he wished he could have it boxed and sent straight to him.

‘Since then, I have worked closely with STL in turning the concept into a reality. Once we built our initial prototype, we spent the next three months repairing vehicles through the Qube, refining and tweaking the design while measuring the outputs.

‘Today, the two-bay Repair Qube system has become an extension to my operation and is a fully operational facility carrying out various size repairs for insurer, fleet and retail customers.’