Recruitment drive at Insure the Box

Insure the Box will expand its workforce by 10% next year, according to CEO Mike Brockman.

Speaking to Chronicle Live, he said the company was looking to bolster numbers in departments including customer service, technology, innovation and engineering.

The insurer employs 300 people but wants to increase that to support its growth phase, with premium income surging from £8m in its first year to £120m now.

Mike Brockman said, ‘We are generating more business than we can deal with so my Newcastle operations director needs more people, and that’s a nice problem to have in business. We are still looking at steady growth and are quite a technologically-based company, looking at how technology can interact with people, using technology to take the mundane tasks out so that customers get a better forward-facing service.’

He continued, ‘We started tentatively and recruited 20 people and at that point no one was sure if this business was going to work. I was being told that no one wanted these black boxes in cars and that it had very little chance of success. Yet now we have 300 people and are in a growth phase.’