PPG renews RAA partnership

PPG Refinish UK has renewed its Core Paint Partner agreement with The Retail Automotive Alliance (RAA) for a further three years.

The PPG and RAA partnership will see the introduction of innovative paint technologies and the ongoing development of a ‘smarter’ repair process aimed at boosting productivity across the group. PPG has also developed a series of training programmes for RAA Members.

John Matthews, business development director at RAA, said, ‘I am delighted that our members have chosen to continue the partnership with PPG Refinish UK.

‘This decision is not only about paint supply for the RAA. As part of our review process, we looked forward and considered how the RAA might want to develop its accident repair services in the future so we needed a long term partner who could provide real creativity to support and embellish our ideas and PPG’s innovation really impressed us.’

The RAA is a joint venture company, formed in 2003, dedicated to negotiating and purchasing goods and services on behalf of its members. With a combined turnover of £2.9bn the RAA is the fifth largest automotive retailing organisation in the UK and now has 23 motor dealer group members nationwide.

PPG was first appointed as the RAA’s paint partner in 2003.