Porsche restoration competition racing ahead

Glasurit, welders, bodyrepair

This year’s Porsche Great Britain Restoration Competition marks the 40 year anniversary of the transaxle Porsches – models 924, 928, 944 or 968.

With 19 entries from Porsche Centres around the country, the competition puts Porsche recommended repairers to the test. This year also sees the competition take on a flagship project; the full restoration of the 1980 Le Mans British entry 924 Carrera GT – a vehicle which has stood virtually untouched, for 33 years in the Porsche museum.

All the vehicles, including the Le Mans car, must be completed and entered into the competition within six months.

John Bradshaw, managing director of Road and Race Restorations in Manchester and Steve Pottinger, body repair service manager at Porsche Cars Great Britain are coordinating the restoration of the Le Mans Car, which is being shared between four Porsche Classic Centres; Hatfield, Swindon, Glasgow and Leeds, each undertaking a major parts of the restoration process.

Road and Race is responsible for restoring the bodyshell, which comprises a steel main section with race weight glass fibre panels. The whole restoration has to be sympathetic and in keeping with its racing pedigree and the historical significance of the car. Road and Race will be refinishing the car using Glasurit paints.

The company is simultaneously preparing two other bodyshells as part of the competition, while a black 924 S bodyshell is being restored for Porsche Centre Wilmslow and a 924 Carrera GT is being restored by Porsche Centre Bolton.

The competition judging will be completed in time for the winning cars to be displayed at the Silverstone Classic at the end of July.