Porsche competition in full swing

The Porsche Restoration Competition is in full swing, with 19 front-engined Porsches undergoing restoration at Porsche Centres around the country.

Three of the bodyshells are being restored to their former glory by Dick Lovett/SprayMaster in Swindon. The three cars include a Guards Red 968, which has been prepared on behalf of the Porsche Centre Tewkesbury, a white 924 Le Mans and a blue 924S.

Each of these three cars was stripped to a basic shell by different Porsche Centres and Dick Lovett/SprayMaster has taken responsibility for the restoration and refinishing of the bodyshells ready for reassembly at the various dealers.

The Guards Red Porsche 968 is fairly unusual in it being an totally standard car. The bodyshell of the blue 924S, which appears to have been supplied by the factory without a rear spoiler, required quite extensive repair, so sourcing original parts was essential. The white 924 is no exception, as it is a limited edition Le Mans model. This car had also suffered the ravages of corrosion.