Over one in four drove with tyre defects

A survey conducted by TyreSafe and Highways England revealed more than one in four of Britain’s vehicles was driven with an illegal and dangerous tyre in 2015.

The survey revealed that nearly ten million motorists drove with the problem tyres during the year. It also found that there were 5,677 accidents reported in the last five years from tyre related incidents, and that tyres have also been reported as the single largest contributor to vehicle defect-related accidents over the same period.

The survey’s findings also revealed that it is estimated the average yearly-cost of tyre-related incidents to the British economy is £83.2 million, and 2.2 million cars annual fail MoT’s with tyre defects.

TyreSafe have argued the combination of their research and government data has highlighted the need for a swift change in driver behaviour. The non-profit organisation has urged motorists ensure tyres are inflated to the recommended pressures for the load, have sufficient tread depth and are in roadworthy condition.

The organisation’s chairman Stuart Jackson said, ‘What we’re urging motorists to do is carry out tyre safety checks on a monthly basis which will substantially reduce their risk of becoming involved in a tyre-related incident on the roads.

‘Vehicles have become progressively more reliable over the years so fewer of us need to carry out the weekly maintenance we once did on components like oil and water, but tyres are still in direct contact with the road and all the potential physical objects on them. Even new tyres lose pressure over time and can become damaged by potholes or kerbing.’