OSV reveals car buying regrets

According to a survey by vehicle leasing company OSV Ltd, 59.6% of car owners have experienced buyer’s remorse with their current car.

Debbie Kirkley, co-founder of OSV explained, ‘As buying a new car is such a big decision, it is unsurprising that some of us have regrets. However, it is shocking to see that nearly 60% of car buyers are currently unhappy with their vehicle.’

The survey revealed the most common car buying regrets are:

1. Buying an unreliable car
2. Higher running costs than expected
3. Paying over the odds for it
4. Depreciation
5. Choice of colour

Debbie continued, ‘Car buying can be very stressful and no car will be perfect at all times. But, by carefully considering all factors listed above you can ensure you make the right decision.’