Onward mobility critical to customer retension

An onward mobility programme is now integral to a dealership’s profit and loss line, according to Steve Evans, CEO and founder of Accident Exchange.

He said, ‘Back in 2001, onward mobility or ‘customer accident management’ was not a revenue stream for manufacturers and their networks. Today, it is not only an integral driver of revenue, sold hours, OEM parts and sales of new cars, it is a significant tool in the retention of customers, their satisfaction and overall opinion of the brand and dealership.

‘Onward mobility is now an integral function in the operational and financial success of a modern-day dealer and manufacturer. Technology is playing an ever greater role in delivering visibility and efficiency into the customer journey and relationship with the dealer, especially in the event of an accident. Harnessed, that culture of connectivity is only going to insure against the loss of customers to rival brands.’

He says that with more than 2.5 million accidents recorded every year, the integration of a proactive, customer-centric support service is a logical one especially when one in 20 go on to buy a new car.

He explained, ‘At first, it was not a natural step for dealers, but looking after customers in the event of an accident answered the all-important question of customer retention and satisfaction. Those that have always ‘got it’ from the off are continuing to benefit greatly.

‘Our customers are their customers which is why our investment in the best staff and intelligent back-office communication systems means we’re able to deliver, or surpass, the exacting values and expectations of the brand above the door of the dealer.’

Accident Exchange is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. Since its inception it has managed the post-accident experiences of more than 350,000 customers generating an estimated £2bn in previously lost revenue for its franchised and manufacturer partners.

Through its cumulative fleet of more than 41,500 different vehicle models, it has kept motorists mobile for a combined 7.95 million days in like-for-like replacement vehicles to deliver a near perfect 98% satisfaction rate.