One in five would drive uninsured

Nearly seven million motorists in the UK wouldn’t buy car insurance if it wasn’t a legal requirement.

Research from Co-op Insurance discovered that 22% of drivers are unsure if they would buy car insurance while only 61% said they definitely would even if it wasn’t required by law.

‘If having motor insurance wasn’t a legal requirement, our research suggests that over six million motorists would be happily driving around without it which is a real cause for concern,’ said James Hillon, products and pricing Director at Co-op Insurance.

According to the insurer’s data, 12.5% of drivers claim on their motor insurance every year, with the average claim costing around £3,000.

James continued, ‘With the average cost of a road accident coming in at around £3,000, it seems unrealistic to think that an uninsured driver would have this amount of money to hand to repair any damage and pay any legal costs should they have an accident and , even worse, injure somebody else.’