Nissan rolls out CitNOW nationwide

Nissan Motor GB has expanded CitNOW’s video technology across its entire network of new and used sales departments.

With CitNOW embedded in 202 dealers each delivering on average 110 videos per month, Nissan delivered more than 60,000 individual videos in the first quarter of 2016 and is on course to pass the quarter-million barrier this year.

Called eVision by Nissan, the technology has seen its top workshops deliver more than 600 customer videos a month with an optimum view rate of over 80%.

Darren Payne, UK sales director at Nissan GB, said, ‘The customer benchmarks have changed, and we firmly believe that video is the way forwards to build that fundamental trust and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

‘The results and the responses we have been receiving from our workshop network about the use of video are outstanding, so we’re thrilled to have eVision available now for our new and used sales departments as well.’

CitNOW’s global sales director Gordon Grant, added, ‘The journey that Nissan GB has been on with us over the 12 months is very familiar to us; the way the product directly impacts on the relationship the brand has with its customers is usually most immediately evident in the workshop application.

‘Once companies see how personalised video goes beyond amplifying the bottom line and has a positive effect on less tangible things like customer loyalty and retention as well, they quickly realise that this technology is something they must have.’