New primer hits the shelves

DeBeer Refinish has launched a non sanding primer that it claims guarantees increased productivity, reduced process cycle time and optimum spray booth utilisation – with no compromise on quality.

The new 8-746 High Production Non Sanding Primer is a high performance, direct to E-coat, wet-on-wet primer system that DeBeer claims offers an outstanding finish from a non-sanding process.

Specifically developed for high production bodyshops working with new E-coat panels or on spot/blend repairs, the 8-746 reduces steps in the priming process by removing the need for sanding in the panel preparation, between coats or pre-topcoat stages.

Further, its wet-on-wet finishing capability eliminates the need for drying and means a one coat primer application provides a smooth, semi-gloss finish, with the company claiming the quality of finish is comparable to a multi-stage sanding system.

Available in mid grey, white and black, the 8-746 Primer also has an extended recoat window which means new panels can be pre-primed up to two days in advance, reducing spray booth bottlenecks.