adopts CitNOW video technology

Car search site has adopted CitNOW’s video technology, enabling its dealers to add videos of the vehicles they have for sale alongside still imagery.

Using video to showcase vehicles provides greater transparency and is proven to increase trust between the buyer and the seller, as well as speeding up the sales process.

Phill Jones, managing director of, said, ‘At, our mission is to offer smarter ways of connecting buyers and sellers. We do this by working hard to build and source tools to help consumers find the right car. The adoption of the CitNOW Web technology was a logical addition to our site.’

With CitNOW’s intuitive app, dealers can film and upload a short video showcasing new stock as it arrives at the dealership. When the car is advertised on, the video will automatically be displayed.

A choice of audio will also be automatically added to each video and can include a music track, promotional voiceover or live commentary by the sales executive making the video.

Once viewed, the customer is given the option to request a personal video of the vehicle. This feature sends a notification to the CitNOW device of the relevant sales executive and allows the customer to get a more detailed view of the condition and features of the vehicle.

CitNOW chairman Andrew Howells said, ‘Video has become an increasingly important tool in our industry, not only to increase sales but also to build trust and loyalty with customers. It is now a vital component of the sales process.

‘The popularity and importance of video in car sales is only going to rise – forward-looking dealers are already encouraging their customers to use it and, by the end of this year, consumers themselves will be driving the demand for it in the automotive industry.’