Mind games at CES

A visor that can measure a driver’s brainwaves to guard against distraction or a loss of concentration was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas.

Called the BrainWave Life Guardian, the device uses sensors placed on the forehead and ear to measure electrical signals in the brain. Changes in frequency could signal illness or distraction, prompting vibrations in a bracelet or activating an alarm in the visor itself.

The product, from Taiwan-based Akust Technology, could reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers who are stressed, distracted and failing to concentrate on the road ahead. It could also help insurance companies and police authorities prove the cause of an accident.

Meanwhile, Jaguar is working on a similar technology that measures concentration by detecting brainwaves via sensors in the steering wheel.

Using technology employed by NASA, the Jaguar Land Rover project aims to monitor the driver’s heart rate, respiration and levels of brain activity to identify driver stress, fatigue and lack of concentration.