Millbrook set for big finish

Millbrook Group will open its first 4WD climatic chassis dynamometer facility next month, when it hosts the inaugural UK Automotive Testing Show & Expo.

It will have a -20C to +50C climatic capability and the latest emissions sampling system meeting global regulations. The facility comes with additional soak space and a new control room and is designed for future expansion. The project has been completed on plan and on budget, and will be fully operational for customers from the beginning of 2017.

The official opening will take place on 8 December, coinciding with it hosting the first ever UK Automotive Testing Show & Expo (8th-9th December).

The event and conference will provide an opportunity for exhibitors to use Millbrook’s substantial test facilities to demonstrate products and services to visitors. Exhibitors will be showcasing the full spectrum of test, measurement, simulation and development products. Vehicle mounted test equipment will be capturing data in real world scenarios on a variety of test tracks, displaying the results back at the exhibition stands.

Millbrook Group will be exhibiting and speaking at the show together with other companies in Spectris plc’s test and measurement business segment.

Alex Burns, president of Millbrook said, ‘It has been a very busy 2016 for Millbrook and it’s nice to round off the year on a high. We’re delighted to be hosting the UK Automotive Testing Show, which will showcase the technologies with which Millbrook is so closely involved on a day to day basis. To be able to open our new 4WD dyno during the event is perfect timing.’