Millbrook extends UKAS accreditation

Vehicle test centre Millbrook has announced an extension to its UKAS certification to include Seat Belt Anchorage and Pedestrian Impact tests.

Millbrook’s existing sled testing capabilities were significantly enhanced with the installation of an upgraded ServoSled last year, which led to improved accuracy and repeatability of tests, including accurate test pulses matching a crash test or CAE pulse.

Matt Hillam, chief engineer safety at Millbrook said, ‘It is important for us and our customers that each test is accurate, reliable, repeatable and fit for purpose. Millbrook’s ServoSled is the best equipment available in the UK to deliver on these aims.’

This follows just weeks after it unveiled its first roll over testing facility for full scale crash, including features believed to be exclusive to Millbrook in Europe.

Millbrook’s crash test and safety capabilities now include corkscrew roll over and small-offset testing, full scale vehicle crash testing to a wide range of global and corporate standards, a ServoSled laboratory, wide range of test dummies with on-site calibration and certification, airbag deployment, pendulum impact testing, pedestrian impact testing and a seat belt anchorage rig. Testing can be conducted both in the laboratory and on the tracks.