McLaren and MG unveil new models

McLaren and MG are both hoping that new models unveiled at the London Motor Show 2016 will help them capture new markets.

The 570GT, making its UK debut at the London Motor Show, supports the company’s ambition to become a bigger player in the sportscar sector, while MG is targeting young families with its all-new SUV, the MG GS.

For McLaren, the 570GT is intended to bridge the gap between performance (0-60mph in 3.4 seconds) and practicality.

Jon Pollock, regional director, Europe, said, ‘What we’re showing in the UK for the first time is the 570GT, our latest edition to the McLaren sports series, which will now consist of the 540C, the entry level model, the 570S and now the 570GT. It starts at £126k and goes up to £154k.

‘In terms of the positioning for the car, it’s very much oriented around driveability, refinement and comfort, which is completely different for McLaren in terms of our normal approach. We’re very much a track-orientated, high-performance product. This car has all of that performance, but with a comfort and refinement that is new for us – hence the panoramic roof, the additional luggage capacity and softer suspension settings.

‘Territorially, this is a new area for us. The sportscar segment is a big market opportunity globally, particularly Europe and North America. We feel that by having a range of products gives far more people an opportunity to experience a McLaren.’

Meanwhile, MG believes the SUV sector is the place to be and expects its newly-unveiled GS to take it there.

Although pricing and performance details won’t be revealed until next month, the UK-designed and engineered GS targets a younger audience.

Matthew Cheyne, head of sales and marketing, said, ‘The SUV sector is where the market’s going now. I think we’re going to be attracting a lot younger driver than we have traditionally. These vehicles will be going into younger families and couples, who want something that looks good but won’t stretch the budget. This is affordable, family fun. They want to go out and do things, and they want a vehicle that allows them to do that.

‘This is a really credible offering and from an engineering, design and driveability point of view, it’s the next massive leap forward for MG.’

Among the other new releases, Noble has relaunched its M600. Built by hand and tailored to suit each individual buyer, the Europe-only supercar boasts a top speed of 225pmh, while Japan-based Mitsuoka introduced its Brooklands, Viewt and Roadster models in the UK for the first time.