Loctite assists with UH success

The University of Hertfordshire’s (UH) entry in the Formula Student competition, UH Racing, has enjoyed success in both the UK and German events during 2016.

The team finished ninth out of 108 starters in this year’s competition at Silverstone, and 14th from 78 teams at Hockenheim – supported by Loctite products from Henkel.

‘We are thrilled and delighted with our results from this year’s Formula Student events,’ stated Dr Howard Ash, senior lecturer in automotive engineering and programme leader for UH Racing. ‘The standard both in the UK and Germany was really high, yet the car performed consistently across the spectrum of events. Importantly, all of the Loctite bonded and assembled parts performed reliably, helping us achieve a great reward for all of the team’s hard work.’

Formula Student cars, which can do 0-60 mph in less than four seconds, participate in dynamic events such as sprint testing, acceleration testing, skid pan testing and endurance/efficiency testing.

The UH Racing team also picked up the award for the Best Prepared Combustion Car.