Lex recognises Bristol Street Motors

Bristol Street Motors Ford in Birmingham has been awarded Dealership of the Year Award from vehicle management and fleet funding specialist, Lex Autolease.

Lex Autolease, one of the UK’s largest contract hire providers with a fleet of over 307,000 vehicles, presented the dealership with the award at this year’s Lex Autolease annual Supplier Focus Day, citing Bristol Street Motors’ proactive approach to customer satisfaction and consistent excellent performance throughout 2015.

The supplier event takes place each year and provides the leasing firm with a chance to update the supply chain on Lex Autolease’s current performance and future strategy.

Brian Naughton, general manager Ford fleet and commercials in Birmingham, said, ‘2015 was a great year for us and receiving this award topped it off brilliantly.

‘We have had a fantastic working relationship with Lex Autolease for number of years. This year alone we have delivered over 850 new Ford vehicles with a number of high specification commercial vehicles and have consistently exceeded the target customer service satisfaction level set by Lex Autolease, so it’s fantastic to have our hard work recognised.’