LeasePlan reveals drivers’ frustrations

Blocking the road (42%), verbal aggression (34%) and aggressive gestures (56%) are among the top threatening behaviours motorists around the world experience while driving, according to 2016’s MobilityMonitor Survey from LeasePlan.

Unsurprisingly, the two most aggressive behaviours that the 4,869 drivers surveyed claim to have experienced are being cut off (70%) and tailgating (70%). A quarter (25%) of motorists surveyed also admit to committing the latter themselves.

With specific reference to British drivers, LeasePlan’s MobilityMonitor Survey reveals over three-quarters (77%) claim they have experienced other motorists driving dangerously fast, yet ironically, nearly half (45%) do it themselves, with Gen Y drivers being the biggest culprits of driving too fast (61%). UK motorists do however appear to be some of the least aggressive drivers in the world. Although almost one-in-ten admit to tailgating.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), careless or aggressive driving is the fourth biggest cause of fatal road crashes in the UK.

Drivers not indicating (15%) and other motorists driving really slowly (11%) are also among the biggest annoyances of drivers around the world. Mobile phone use behind the wheel also fell under the top annoyances of drivers globally, with LeasePlan’s MobilityMonitor Survey revealing that the UK (17%), USA (22%) and Italy (17%) are most frustrated by this.