Junair’s multi-solution MultiBooth

Junair has introduced a 4-bay MultiBooth which it believes will satisfy customer demands when it comes to car repairs, key to key time, quality and cost.

Each MultiBooth cabin is a combination preparation area and a full low-bake spray booth, allowing multiple vehicles to be repaired simultaneously.

Overspray is contained within individual bays ensuring a cleaner workshop environment, while each cabin is robustly built using a steel double skinned, insulated construction which meets HSE regulations – including the essential 30-minute fire resistance.

Meanwhile, by eliminating the need for moving the vehicles around the bodyshop, the MultiBooth is time-efficient. The vehicles are prepared, sprayed and baked in situ, with no movement required. The damaged vehicle is driven into the cabin and the refinished vehicle driven out.

It doesn’t matter in which order the vehicles are ready for painting, as the easy glide door slides along to convert the relevant cabin into a fully operational low bake spraybooth oven.

Quality and finish match that of all Junair spraybooths, as the MultiBooth is a fully extracted spraybooth oven, suitable for all compliant paint types.

Additionally, costs are kept in check as the MultiBooth shares one air-handling plant across all its cabins. In addition, the speed of the process enables a higher throughput of vehicles, while its energy-efficient technology keeps bills to minimum.