It’ll be all white on the night

More than 75% of cars built so far this year are either white, black, grey or silver, according to PPG.

Its annual automotive colour popularity data found that white remained the most popular colour (38%), as it has been since 2010.

However, blue’s popularity increased by three per cent in luxury, midsize and compact cars, with Jane Harrington, PPG manager, colour styling, automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coatings, predicting that it will continue to rise in popularity in 2017-18 models.

PPG’s research also found that in Europe white remained the most popular (33%), followed by grey (18%), black (16%), silver (10%), blue (eight per cent), and natural and red (both seven per cent).

However, when it comes to minivans and light trucks white’s popularity shot up to 63% and 59% respectively.

Compact and sport models were the most likely to feature red or blue shades while SUVs were the most likely to feature gold, beige or yellow shades.