Is your car winter-ready?

Euro Car Parts has compiled a list of eight handy hints to help drivers ensure their vehicles are winter ready.

According to IAM RoadSmart, drivers are 11% more likely to have an accident in winter than in spring or summer.

Air Con: It might seem counter-intuitive, but turning on the air con as you get in the car may well be the best winter tip you hear all season. Because the output of air conditioning units is dryer, it helps eliminate moisture from within the car – keeping your cold glass mist free.

Antifreeze: As temperatures plummet, our windscreens are often the first to take the hit. On days when it barely gets above zero, antifreeze really is a driver’s best friend, so it’s important to make sure there is always some in your car.

De-icer and scraper: In a land of frozen windscreens, the humble scraper is king. Remember to stock-up on de-icer, too, and always have some in your vehicle for those frosty winter days.

Winter tyres: Did you know that in Norway, drivers are legally bound to change their tyres during the colder months? While the UK’s weather might not be so extreme, switching to hardier winter tyres not only gives your vehicle a greater grip on the road during the dreaded ‘black ice’ season, it could also save you money. The harder your tyres have to work, the more fuel your car expends, so using durable winter tyres when the cold weather bites makes sound financial sense.

Screen wash: As the mercury dips below zero, it’s incredibly important to make sure you keep the washer bottle of the correct concentration. Doing this can ensure it doesn’t freeze in the washers, meaning you always have enough solution to clear your windscreen.

Oil: Ever noticed that your car takes longer to start in winter? That could be because you have not changed the oil for quite some time and the quality has deteriorated. So when you try to start a cold engine, the engine has to push around the cold, gooey oil and that makes it harder for the engine to spin.

Preparation: Before heading out on the road this winter, make sure you’ve given your car a thorough inspection. Check your lights, battery, windscreen wipers, tyres and brakes.

Familiarise: Make sure you know the controls of your car inside out. So if you do get caught in fog, or are forced to pull over, you know where the fog lights, hazard lights and air conditioning buttons are.