Industry recalibration on the cards

As quality and safety standards continue to evolve, manufacturers across industries will be compelled to calibrate items they had not previously considered.

An analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Calibration and Repair Services Market in Europe observes that the European market was worth $1.51bn in 2015 and expects it to cross over $2.12bn in 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of five per cent.

‘The complexity of smart products necessitates a superior level of testing and attention to detail right at the design stage, intensifying the demand for sophisticated and accurate instrumentation,’ said Frost & Sullivan measurement and instrumentation research analyst, Apoorva Ravikrishnan. ‘Service providers are working on augmenting their capabilities, so they can address the vast and diverse requirements end-user industries.’

In addition to electrical, mechanical and thermodynamic upgrades, market participants are striving to enhance the physical and dimensional attributes of their products to make them viable for shipping. Considering the wide range of instruments in use at customer locations, calibration and repair service providers are also expanding their network of laboratories.

Another prominent trend in the test and measurement sector is the automation of calibration and repair services. It not only boosts the consistency of results but also reduces the costs of calibration and the repair time. Software-oriented scalability will result in the development of modular instruments and eventually, novel software for calibration.