IFB welcomes government anti-fraud stance

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has welcomed the government’s positive response to recommendations put forward by the Insurance Fraud Taskforce.

The taskforce was set up to investigate and recommend ways of reducing insurance fraud. The government responded with a Written Ministerial Statement, which recognised the impact of insurance fraud and urged all organisations to take the recommendations forward.

The IFB says it has been and will continue to work with the Association of British Insurers (ABI), industry and regulators to take the actions forward. Of particular focus for the IFB are the recommendations concerned with improved data sharing and consumer awareness and education.

Ben Fletcher, director of the IFB said, ‘We are glad to see that the statement clearly recognises that insurance fraud has a real impact on honest members of the public and that it is not a victimless crime. Tackling this problem requires a collaborative approach and we are fully supportive of this.

‘The IFB have welcomed all of the recommendations made by the Taskforce and we are committed to working with Government and industry organisations to ensure we are tackling this serious problem of insurance fraud.’