IAM RoadSmart reveals true cost of crashes

Transport industry fleet managers were shocked to discover the true cost of crashes among their drivers.

IAM RoadSmart hosted a number of blue-chip companies such as Cannon Hygiene and Pest Control, Belron UK and the National Service for Health Improvement (NHSI), at the Business Customer Advisory Group (BCAG), where the impact of business-related impacts on profits was spelled out.

Lesley Upham, IAM RoadSmart commercial director, said, ‘The true cost of a crash was a revelation to everyone at the meeting. A crash is not just about vehicle damage – it can affect company reputation and at worst result in a fatality and a corporate manslaughter fine.

‘The impact on profits is far greater than many businesses might imagine. As the roads get more crowded and the pressures on employees increase, the commercial sector knows it cannot afford to bury its head in the sand and is looking for targeted, preventative intercessions.’

In 2013, 1,731 people lost their lives in Great Britain in road traffic crashes with one-third of all crashes involving people on a business-related journey.  Managers at the gathering felt that businesses are unaware of just how expensive a crash can be – and the ‘ripple’ effect of how that cost keeps increasing.

To help businesses minimise the effects, IAM RoadSmart announced a new range of driver safety course modules including motorway driving and vehicle management as part of its ‘Driving for Work’ portfolio.