i2i makes contact

Industry stalwart Mike Monaghan has introduced i2i psychological and performance enhancing behavioural training into the body repair industry.

A passionate supporter of the body repair industry for over 44 years, Mike recently took on the role of CEO for i2i (Impossible 2 Inevitable) which works with leading names in both sport and corporate elite businesses.

However, after seeing first-hand the type of psychological and performance enhancing behavioural training provided by i2i, Mike has what he describes as ‘a light bulb moment’.

He explained, ‘In short we all know our most important asset is our people and sometimes we do invest in their development mainly with technical training to improve performance, speed and efficiency. What we don’t do effectively ever, is help them improve themselves or help improve the mechanics of how the mind works to maintain that optimum performance every day.’

In response i2i has tailored two advanced learning and development courses for the mind, specifically for the body repair industry aimed at owners, managers and technicians.

On returning the industry, Mike said, ‘You can take the boy out of the industry, but you can’t take the industry out of the boy.’