How safe is your car

A state-of-the-art 200,000sqft indoor vehicle storage facility just north of London is nearing completion. Situated in Potters Bar, the new storage facility is an extension to the Studio 434 storage facility and classic vehicle collection.

The new warehouse has been designed to accommodate about 400 classic and high value cars and motorcycles in a secure, convenient and confidential location. Investment in high value and collectable classic cars continues to grow in the UK, however, there is a shortage of modern, high-security storage facilities for vehicles of this type.

That is what Studio 434/2 along with existing at Studio 434/1 is intended to offer. In addition to these class leading facilities, each location also has a team of highly experienced in-house engineers and experts capable of looking after cherished and high value vehicles. The company also has the facility, subject to owner’s approval, to make cars available for television or film shoots if of interest to owners.

The company’s existing car collection is now in excess of 270 vehicles which are frequently featured in film/tv productions.

Founder and owner Rodger Dudding said, ‘We have identified the shortage, and need, for secure vehicle storage in the London area, hence the investment we are making in the new storage facility which will be available in part by September this year with completion scheduled for November 2016. Clients’ cars can be located at our facility discreetly with full vehicle covering. Alternatively they can be in display mode and set amongst our own vast collection dating from 1905 to the present day.’