Honda Type R named hero

The second generation Honda Civic Type R has been named as Glass’s Used Car Hero for August.

Rob Donaldson, used car editor, said, ‘As a new car, the Type R was never quite in the front rank of hot hatches but it makes a really strong used buy.

‘The dramatic looks have aged well, performance is on a par with rivals and Honda build quality means that it should rack up high mileages with few difficulties.

‘It was well-equipped but, if you can find one, the GT model adds a few worthwhile extras like climate and cruise control and folding mirrors.’

According to Rob, some key points that make the Civic Type R a hero are Honda reliability, purposeful styling, an excellent driving experience and a good looking sport Recaro interior.

Each month, Glass’s editors hold a meeting to name the current Used Car Hero in the UK market – the model they believe currently offers outstanding value, quality and ability.