Hire car fraudster sentenced

One of the UK’s most prolific motor fraudsters has been sentenced to two years in prison at Preston Crown Court.

Naveed Shah of Blackburn Road, Great Harwood, Lancashire, stole multiple hire cars – valued in excess of £200,000 – over a nine-month period by creating a complex scam designed to outwit the police, but which was foiled by anti-motor fraud specialist APU Ltd.

The conman stole the identities of innocent people, took out fake motor insurance policies and even posed as a care assistant who had been a genuine victim of a number of car crashes.

Shah was caught after a sting operation was carried out by APU Ltd, when he tried to hire a car from accident management firm, Accident Exchange.

Justice HH Turner sentenced Shah to two years after he pleaded guilty, and was convicted of, conspiracy to make false insurance claims and steal courtesy cars on 22 April.

APU’s head of investigative services, Neil Thomas, said, ‘Shah had figured out what he thought was a fool-proof way to steal cars but with some determination on our part, he’s now got to face the consequences of his actions. Car crime goes unpunished all too often, but not this time.’