Hats off to hats on campaign

BEN celebrated its first ever national fundraising event yesterday, which signalled the launch of a new campaign to shine a light on mental health issues within the automotive industry.

The not-for-profit charity urged everyone in the industry to wear a hat and post the picture to twitter under the hashtag #hatson4mentalhealth to raise awareness of a subject which can still be a difficult topic to talk about.

New research has found that about one in three people will suffer from mental health problems.

Jools Tait, business development director at BEN, said, ‘This campaign is particularly important as mental health is one of the main challenges that people contact us about. The UK automotive industry is one of the country’s largest workforces, employing more than 800,000 people.

‘Research shows that the number of people saying they have experienced mental health issues at work has grown from a quarter to a third over the last five years – that is a worrying statistic which could have a big impact on an industry this size.’

The #hatson4mentalhealth hashtag was trending on twitter during the day, with celebrity support coming from actor Tom Chambers, and presenter Mike Brewer.