GT launches in the UK

GT Motive and DAC Holdings have agreed a strategic partnership to bring the GT Motive Estimate software to the UK.

The move sees DAC Holdings become the UK representative for GT Motive. Chief executive of DAC Holdings Karl Durham said, ‘My team and I have been working for some time to bring GT Estimate to the UK and I am thrilled to be able to make it available to bodyshops across the country.

‘I have long been an advocate of innovative solutions which bring value to the vehicle repair industry, and GT Estimate certainly does that. We want to give bodyshops choice when it comes to how they estimate repairs – and an alternative which combines powerful features, ease of use and transparent value for money is welcome.’

DAC’s GT Motive UK activity will be headed by Philip Briggs, who brings extensive experience of vehicle estimating and repair from his 25 years working within the insurance, retail and manufacturer sectors.

GT Motive Estimate, developed by GT Motive, a Mitchell partner company, is an estimating solution which is already established across the globe. Over 26,000 users and 11,500 bodyshops use the software to calculate the cost of repairs following collisions, or to assess costs associated with mechanical breakdowns or inspection services. The business employs 250 staff across Europe.